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Social Distancing Dividers

Proof Productions, Inc. is a custom fabrication shop located in Sewell, NJ; just 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia and two hours from New York City. Proof has spent the last 18 years building sets for Broadway shows and tours, providing rigging and lighting equipment to local Philadelphia theaters, and working events alongside the I.A.T.S.E. Local 8 union. When Covid-19 hit the US, shutting down the entertainment business indefinitely, Proof had to find a way to help others affected. Proof started working with the pop-up hospitals, including Temple University’s Liacouras Center, providing technical equipment and labor. However, other local small businesses were also looking for ways to open their doors again to their employees and their customers.

Proof Productions Inc Social Distancing

Small businesses, like hair salons and spas, restaurants, gyms, etc., who rely on close interaction with their clientele have also come to a standstill. Putting those years of perfected fabrication skills to use, Proof has designed custom “Social Distancing Dividers” that can be used in all types of businesses. These include individual dividers that range in size from 2’W – 4’W x 6.5’T to go in-between chairs, desks, workout machinery, etc.; as well as custom dividers for receptionist desk areas and alike. We are also able to fabricate seamless walls 8’L x 30’T. Proof is hoping to provide for as many small businesses as possible in order to help them take the next step forward in being able to open their doors again soon.

Proof Productions Inc Social Distancing

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